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Committed HR, Inspired Manager, Certified Coach

Following a university degree dedicated to foreign languages learning, I started my career in Luxembourg in 2000 in the investment fund industry. I quickly moved into managerial positions and pursued in Human Resources.

Today, after two successful career changes, I have decided to devote myself completely to what I am passionate about: professional guidance.

A brief look back at 2 professional crossroads:

2014/2015: Certified Coach

After having followed a professional coaching myself and having decided that I wanted to be in the shoes of my coach, I joined ICN Business School in Nancy to benefit from a certified training in this mode of guidance.

I was thus able to professionalize the skills I had in me for a long time and adjust the managerial models I was applying. I had the pleasure to guide many multicultural teams in the improvement of their processes and was trained in agile coaching in the field of IT development.

This is what led me to join a Luxembourg start-up in 2019, for which I set up the HR processes "from scratch" and in an agile mode. At the same time, I continued to guide many people in search of meaning in their career paths or in the improvement of their managerial practices.

Change of focus in the summer of 2021: the transition from employee to entrepreneur with the creation of Inphusio.

Inphusio is born after several years of reflection, to which was added a new event for all, the Covid-19. Leaving a permanent contract for entrepreneurship was a dream that I made come true. Those of you who know me know that I said I would never do it, so what...

"Anything is possible, especially if you believe in it."

Alexandra Julien

The name Inphusio came naturally to my mind because I do often use this image of a tea bag brewing...which illustrates the process of reflection of the people I am coaching once the seeds have been sown or ideas shared...

Today I am writing a new page in my life: it allows me to balance freely between my personal life as a mother, a runner, a traveler, and my professional life devoted today to guidance for people and organizations, for my own account but also as a volunteer.

I recently joined the Cravate Solidaire as an image coach. This is a French organisation that I invite you to discover if you don't know it.

Always listening, enthusiastic and never short of ideas, I am more than ever in the field with people, teams, Managers and the future generation of Managers to dare the Human - Performance alliance! !

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