Professional training in management and change management

Our offer: a focus on best practices to develop and professionalize the skills of your managers. Our trainings are targeted and customized, in line with your expectations.

Professional training as a tool for skills development

After more than 20 years of hands-on experience working closely with teams, managers, and boards, we have combined our knowledge, observations, and proven practices into an extensive program of professional training in management and change management.

Inphusio's challenge today is to reconcile you with management practices by offering you the training and professional support necessary to develop the performance of your teams. To this purpose, we provide your managers with a panel of resources, adequate tools and best practices that can be used by everyone.

"It is what we think we already know that often prevents us from learning."

Claude Bernard

Inphusio is aware of the Manager's main obstacle to any training process, which is his.her lack of availability. To get to the heart of the matter, we offer short programs, i.e. 2-hour professional training sessions online by videoconference.

Our themes are targeted, along with adapted tools that can be applied immediately in the manager's daily life.

These 2-hour sessions are followed by 3 individual professional coaching sessions to be scheduled over a period of 6 months to guide the Managers in the adjustment and anchor of the practices over the mid and long term.

Our professional training programs

Inphusio offers the following topics for management, leadership and change management training.

  • "The Basics" (ecology of the Manager, leadership development)
  • "The Manager and the control of his/her agenda" (priority management, organization, work/life balance)
  • "The Manager and his/her team" (team building, managerial delegation)
  • "The Manager and the rest of the organization" (change management, continuous improvement, appreciative inquiry)
  • "The Manager and decision making" (risk management, decision tree, vision / strategy)
  • "The Manager and what s.he is afraid of" (assertive communication, management of termination contract, salary negociation, conflict management...)
  • "The Manager as a source of motivation (or not!)" (keys to motivation, concrete tools)
  • "The Manager and his/her new position (the keys to success in the first weeks in a new managerial position)
  • "Introduction to Agile for HR and Managers (overview of the philosophy, values, operating principles)

Trouver le bon partenaire professionnel prend du temps et je suis ravie aujourd’hui qu’EiviLux et Inphusio se soient choisis mutuellement pour une collaboration qui s’avère fructueuse. Nous sommes ravies de compter Isabelle parmi notre équipe pédagogique au sein de notre Management Academy.

Céline Campi-BlainCréatrice et Dirigeante - Eivilux

Dynamique, organisée, engagée, Isabelle saura vous guider dans le respect de l’humain. Depuis que nous travaillons ensemble sur la pédagogie agile/scrum, notre coopération est fluide car elle est proactive et volontaire. Elle agit et réagit vite et avec pertinence. Un vrai plaisir de développer des projets ensemble.

Carine SontagProfesseur Associée Economie et Gestion de projets – ICN Business School

We asked Isabelle to join our international teaching team of ICN’s Design Thinking for Sustainable Change ARTEM workshop attracted by her positive energy and insightful expertise in Agile Leadership. We quickly discovered that she is not only a highly engaged teaching team member, but she clearly connects with the generation of future managers and leaders in need of flexible project management tools and soft skills for effective team-building.

Krista Finstad-MilionPhD, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Behavior Department, ICN Business School, Nancy-Paris-Berlin

We work in French, English or German, depending on your needs.

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