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💡One Minute Coaching - Are you green with yourself?

Last week I talked to you about Demotivation and shared with you 2 simple questions to ask yourself to determine the source of this demotivation.

👉 One of the options was to be aware and admit (here is often the challenge...) our low energy, low tone, our lack of patience sometimes, our irritability or frustration...

What we need in this case is REST, what we need is to take care of our own #ecology.

🎁 But did you know that there are 9 different kinds of rest?

I'll let you discover them via this article by the talented  a certified professional coach who has her business in the beautiful Strasbourg area.

Momentum Coaching : Cet été, enlevez votre costume de super(wo)man et faites une vraie pause ! (

❓So what kind of rest do you need?

I'll let you infuse.☕

Have a nice day! 👋