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This was said by one of my very first managers.

"Stop being nice, that's not what we want you to do" - this was said by one of my very first managers.

I don't blame him: I learned a lot from that sentence.

And 20 years later, here's what I've retained from it:

it's not true 🤪

Kindness is sometimes seen as a weakness, I say it's an asset.

Kindness is paying attention to the other person, whether he/she is your superior, your client, your service provider, the executive secretary, the person who cleans your offices in the evening or, simply, your colleague on the left.

Kindness means lending a hand when you can.

It's saying hello...with a smile please.

It's asking for news.

Yes, sometimes we are disappointed. Why are we disappointed?

Because we set expectations.

But we don't control the other person's actions/reactions/decisions. We only have control over our own. And even if I have been disappointed, often in fact, I personally opt for kindness as much as possible.

Simple gestures or words make a difference and create a positive and trusting work environment, the breeding ground for good performance!

And the world will be a better place for it, that's one thing I'm convinced of, aren't you?

I'll let you infuse....

Bonne journée !