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💡One Minute Coaching - The famous mirror effect

Have you heard of it? An incredible tool for getting ahead in life!

For example:

You learn that someone has landed a great job, which is exactly what you would like.

We try to be happy on the surface, but there is this feeling of annoyance, frustration and even jealousy that takes over.

Then we criticize (I generalize).

It's just a reality check, right?

This is the mirror effect. For me, it is a great emotional barometer to understand our needs, our expectations...

An advice?

👉 Use this emotion to rethink your actions: did this person get this job? My frustration just proves to me that I have the same need, the same desire...

Let's use this mirror to admire and be inspired....

❓ How did he/she do it? (observation)

❓ What can I easily do to adjust my own actions (inspiration → questioning)

Here, the example is basic. Sometimes it is more difficult to identify what is being played...Let's try!

I'll let you infuse.☕

Have a nice day! 👋