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Laugh! It's good for your health!

Laugh! It's good for your health!

It's not me saying it, it's proven! Laughter is an anti-depressant, a stress reducer, a sleep aid and so on...

10 to 15 minutes of laughter a day can keep you healthy. However, statistics show that the more the years go by, the less we laugh...

Of course, we are sometimes so busy, stressed by our worries, our goals to reach, that we forget to smile, or even to laugh. We just don't feel like it.


👉 When we smile, we tell our brain that everything is fine. Not easy sometimes, but...

👉 Insights, ideas and solutions magically appear once the stress subsides and we make room for more levity and perspective.

💡 We all have a colleague in our circle (or even several, and then it's a jackpot!) who often has "the word to laugh", the little joke that goes well, without overdoing it, but which creates this more flexible, more open context.

Isn't it easier to work and perform in this environment?

Personally, humour is an integral part of my daily life, it is one of the values of my company and I have my referents in this matter if I feel stressed, sad or overwhelmed 😉

I will end with this quote from Victor Hugo: "To make people laugh is to make them forget. What a blesser on earth is a distributor of forgetfulness!"

Have a good day! 👋