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One Minute of Coaching – About the Locus of Control

Are you the most likely to attribute the positive events that happen to you (success of a project, new contract, new job, diploma/certification achieved, ...) to "coincidences", to people, a particular context? Or on the contrary, to your abilities, your skills, your attitudes?

And in the contrary direction, if you experience a failure, if things do not turn out as you wish, how do you react? Is it systematically "because of" so-and-so, “because of” the economic context, “because of” the rain that falls (if you fail your driving test for example)?

Behind these natural trends lies a concept, a philosophy developed by Julian Rotter: the locus of control which can be either internal or external. It refers to the extent to which a person believes that he or she has internal control over events (#wehavethelifethatwewant) or that external influences have control.

There is no judging of value to be made, no right or wrong locus of control, but a balance to be found, a balance between one's own self-confidence, one's abilities and the external factors that we cannot control and that influence events.

Knowing your natural tendency allows you to work on this balance and to have the necessary insight to manage and learn from your successes and failures.

In coaching, we work with you to have this clarity, to make the best decisions and to keep a positive impulse.

So, internal or external locus of control?

I'll let you brew.
Have a good day!