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June 2022 - 💡 One minute Coaching - "It makes sense, doesn't it?

This sentence, used all over the place, irritates some, others abuse it.
Nevertheless, meaning is nowadays at the heart of people's choices and commitment, whether individually or collectively. The days of "you do this because I decided to" are over! ✅

Generally speaking, meaning is
👉 Why you get up in the morning
👉 The reason you make a decision
👉 The reason why you are committed...or not

✨ It is in fact what is right for you at a given moment!

But meaning is also
👉 The direction you are taking, in your career, in your personal life
👉 The direction that young people take through their choice of options, schools, internships, ...
The reorientation you decide to undertake to "go towards" a job that is more in line with who you are 🎈

🎁Managers, meaning is the R in SMART.
You know this famous acronym that we advise you to use when setting objectives. The R stands for "Relevant".
It is the meaning you put into objectives, tasks, processes, methods, (re)organisation, etc. that will make the difference in the outcome! Yes it will!

Don't forget it, it is crucial.

I'll let you infuse! ☕

Have a good day! 👋