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One Minute Coaching - Pareto's law, should we talk about it?

Also known as the 80/20 law, this principle is an integral part of the Inphusio philosophy.

As a perfectionist by nature, I have personally learned to experiment, test, fail, adjust and modify this principle in many areas, but particularly in the professional field. And I must admit that it works!

This law, formulated by the Italian philosopher and sociologist Vilfredo Federico Paretopostulates that 80% of our benefits are achieved through 20% of our efforts, a principle that is valid in all areas of life. Focusing on what is really productive allows us to gain in efficiency (and productivity...and energy...and time!).

Initially, the sociologist's discovery was about the cause/consequence relationship: 80% of consequences have their origin in 20% of causes. For example:

20% of the population of a country owns 80% of the total wealth

20% of customers normally generate about 80% of the turnover

80% of your personal satisfaction is due to the 20% of people in your closest environment

20% of sports activity provides 80% of real benefits


Effort and perseverance remain key and necessary, but it is above all in the allocation of time that this is played out, because if these 20% are not well managed, the level of results will suffer! So, your time management, should we talk about it?

I'll let you infuse!

Have a good day!