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One minute of coaching – the Impostor Syndrome

Management magazine has dedicated a complete file to the famous Impostor Syndrome.

Professional coaches identify it very regularly in their clients during their coaching sessions.

Sometimes hidden, sometimes denied, sometimes assumed, it can prove to be a real obstacle in your projects, your speech, your decisions, and even your career path! The magazine gives some interesting leads, worth discovering if the subject is relevant to you.

And do you know its exact opposite? The fact of having the conviction of being competent, of over-estimating one’s skills and performance when compared to reality? This is the Dunning-Kruger effect, overconfidence. In management terms, this effect refers to those employees who are not very efficient, but who are nevertheless extremely sure of themselves.

In both cases, for those who intend to work on it, a professional coaching remains the best option!

I let you infuse.
 Have a nice day!