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💡 💡 One Minute Coaching - Don't adapt to something that is not right for you (anymore)!

Still in the "De-motivation" series, we are focusing today on one of the reasons that can be the source: having to adapt, or even over-adapt to a particular context, a change of #management,of#team, a #reorganization, etc.

Our resistance to #changemanagement is naturally systematic, it's human, even more so when it's imposed on us.

🤔 "I have no choice, I have to adapt"

🎁 Words create our reality and state of mind. Here's a new exercise of#autocoaching to gain perspective: let's try to change that sentence into...

👉 "What is the opportunity/benefit for me? How can I adapt and how acceptable is it to me?"

How does that make you feel?

It is up to each person to identify the drivers and benefits of this adaptation and to put the cursor on what is acceptable ✅ or not❌ to remain an actor/actress of the situation and not suffer it!

People who have developed great adaptation skills have clearly understood this!😉

#wehavethelifewewant #positivepsychology

I let you infuse! ☕

Have a nice day! 👋