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Sept. 2022 • Happy anniversary, Inphusio! 🎉

One year ago, I left the status of employee for entrepreneurship.

✨ One year ago, I created Inphusio. Inphusio.

It's not a skydive, but it's just the same.

We jump in / we don't / but what the hell am I doing here / come on, let's go, we're not going to let it go, and then it's free fall and we wonder if the parachute will open. We have confidence because the bag is well hooked, we prepared everything well, we trained, we did everything "as it should be", but good....

And then, we gain confidence because they believe in us. The feedbacks are positive, the missions become more and more frequent and diversified. We learn other jobs (marketing, communication, website construction, SEO, accounting, and so on...entrepreneurs will understand....🤯😉).

We screw up, we start over...💪

We make a decision we shouldn't have, no big deal, there will be others... 😋

We work a lot, yes, but we have chosen this job, we love it, we are passionate about it, it is different. We question ourselves, all the time, we are training, we are moving forward.

✨A year ago, I created Inphusio.

And I never thought I would be so happy to write it to you today.😍

Infinite gratitude 🙏🙏🙏 for all the people who have trusted me, do trust me and will trust me, for the people "in my constellation" who have helped me and who help me in the development of my activity, for my supervision group and my supervisor, and, last but not least, for my pillars, my family, my friends and all the people who encourage me every day!