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February 2023 - When the trainer gets on the other side...

Guarantee effect after 2 days of training withIsabella Buson : energy +++ !!!🤩

In general, now I am the one who is giving trainings.

Here, what a pleasure it is to be on the other side and to go deeper into subjects that are important to me in my approach, in particular the#appreciativeinquiry (but not only...)

We all have between 86 and 100 billion neurons and we know that we lose them over the years and through our lifestyles.

❓ Did you know?

The first way to regenerate it is to learn new things, to be curious, to be amazed!

✅ Check! This was the case for me during these 2 days where we talked about appreciative process and mindmapping, in a fun context and a beautiful setting.

#ilovemyjob...and pink elephants!

And you, have you planned a training soon?

Have a great week! Have fun!