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February 2023 - A new colorful string to my bow!

More than excited to announce that I have finalized the accreditation Insights Discovery: a new "colored" string to my bow, as they say, to reach even further in the efficiency of relationships!🙌

❓ What is it about?

It is a tool developed on the basis of Carl Jung's work to determine behavioral preferences: neither intelligence, nor skills, nor motivation are measured here.

✅ I already had the opportunity to use the tool for one of my clients in the context of an HR consulting mission: it is an excellent lever for better understanding, progress, exchange and having a common language.

👉 For whom and for what?

In individual coaching or in group workshops, Insights facilitates the understanding of behaviors and self-knowledge in order to have more productive and positive work relationships.

We aim for greater relational efficiency! 🎯

Many thanks to Annemie De Winter, Franck DIDRICHE and Dominique Jouy for their contributions, sharing and support in this accreditation and to Qualia Consulting Luxembourg for the opportunity to join the group!

If you want to know more, don't hesitate, be curious! 📩

See you soon! 👋

🟡🟢🔴🔵(for those who can read....😉)