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November 2022 • Conference with Florence Servan-Schreiber

What is your main asset, you know? That strength, the one that makes the difference? Is it your humour? Your perseverance? Your leadership? Your team spirit?

Last Friday, I had the chance to (re)see Florence Servan-Schreiber who was giving a conference at the Parc Alvisse in Luxembourg as part of a psychology congress.

More than an hour sharing with us, in her own words, the concepts of the Science of Happiness...

A delight.

She spoke about the character strengths on line test which allows you to know your own greatest strengths. It is completely free and only takes 10 minutes.

The experts talk about it much better than I do, so here's just an excerpt from the website:

"Research shows that knowing and using your character strengths can help to:

👉 increase happiness and well-being

👉 find meaning and purpose

👉 boost relationshipsv

👉 manage stress and health

👉 achieve goals"

So why should we skip it?

For my part, I took it in 2016, in 2019 and I have just done it again: some strengths have shifted, which is normal since I myself have shifted a lot in recent years, but 3 strengths remain in the top 5: the need to learn, energy and humour! This will make many people smile....

Have a nice day! 👋