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Motivation is not a linear feeling and it is common to have days or even periods of demotivation.

When this is the case, I ask myself two questions that I am sharing with you this morning, a #autocoaching technique.#autocoaching 😉

❓ What have I lost?

. Is it energy, vitality? Do I feel down, easily irritable, impatient?

. Is it interest in my work, have I covered everything?

.Is it #sens  ?

. Do I have the trust of my colleagues/manager?


❓ Then what do I need to get motivated again?

. Is it rest? Is it time for myself?

. Is it intellectual food, a new #training, a new project?

. Is it to realign who I am with what I do?

. Is it being able to express my needs with my colleagues/manager?

It's summer, the perfect time to relax and to think, up to you! 👊

I let you infuse. ☕

Have a nice day! 👋

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