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January 2022 • Eivilux

IInphusio has joined the teaching team of the Eivilux Management AcademyEivilux, at the launch of the 1st class last November 2021!

Deux promotions par an, un programme sur 6 modules de 2 journées avec un mémoire à rédiger, c’est ce que propose Eivilux depuis 2021, afin de proposer aux Managers une formation complète et adaptée aux réalités quotidiennes.

Isabelle Spannagel led the second session of the Manager Development, which is designed to help managers gain a better understanding of themselves and how they operate, in this way increasing their efficiency in managing their agenda and their performance over time.

She has invited this first class to the last module in June, which will focus on change management, one of her core areas of expertise.

La 2ème promotion démarre en automne 2022 ! Contact us for more information!

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